Saudi Arabia joining CPEC as Third Strategic Partner _ A Big Breakthrough in mega project

Khan in Saudi Arabia

By Javed Mahmood, Editor Corporate Ambassador

We have suddenly heard an unexpected breakthrough in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) that is the participation of Saudi Arabia in this multi-billion dollars mega project. Last week, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan held meetings with Saudi King Muhammad Bin Salman and other senior Saudi officials.

The big news that hit the headlines was the Pakistani PM’s offer to Saudi Arabia to set-up an Oil City in Gwadar at a cost of US$10 billion under the CPEC project. The Pakistani Premier also offered Saudi Arabia to become the third strategic partner of this mega project, no doubt, with the consent of China. How much significant is the entry of Saudi Arabia in CPEC can be imagined from the fact that this development would set aside fears and speculations about China’s debt trap for Pakistan and that the PTI government is going to wind up the CPEC.

Guard of Honor

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is being honoured with Guard of Honour in Saudi Arabia during his maiden foreign visit as PM.

Moreover, the opponents of Pakistan, China were opposing tooth and nail the CPEC project with the aim to create hurdles in the way of this project and to spread rumours and speculations about the transparency and entire project through malicious and well-planned propaganda on social media and electronic media.

Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia is one of the influential country in this region and a very powerful Muslim country. Its participation in the CPEC would not only encourage more countries to join this project, but also cause a blow to the evil forces, strongly opposing this game-changing development project to achieve their nefarious designs and vested interests.

CPEC projects

The United States of America and India were openly opposing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, but now it would be very difficult for both these power countries to create obstacles in the way of CPEC after the participation in Saudi Arabia in this project as a Third Strategic Partner.

Prime Minister of Pakistan and his Ministers who accompanied him in the recent Saudi trip are of the opinion that next month the official delegation of Saudi Arabia would visit Pakistan to discuss in detail the nature of their partnership in the CPEC, proposed Saudi Oil City in Gwadar and other investment projects in Pakistan.

China has pledged more than US$55 billion worth investment in the CPEC projects in Pakistan and with the entry of Saudi Arabia, the quantum of investment would exceed US$65 billion, which will increase further with the entrance of more countries in coming months.

In other words, Prime Minister Imran Khan had done a miraculous diplomacy to make Saudi Arabia a strategic partner with the consent of China. Because of the entry of Saudi Arabia in this project that open a flood-gate of foreign investment in CPEC projects in Pakistan in the years ahead.

A couple of weeks before the Saudi visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Saudi Ambassador in Pakistan, Chinese Ambassador and Chinese Foreign Minister held marathon meetings with Khan and other government officials to negotiate the fate of the CPEC and to make Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as third strategic partner of the mega project.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also visited the United Arab Emirates, a day after visiting Saudi Arabia and also convinced the UAE rulers to make investment in Pakistan either in the CPEC or in other development projects in this country. The official announcement is that the high-level UAE government delegation would be visiting Pakistan next month to discuss the investment avenues.

So in his maiden foreign visit as Prime Minister, Imran Khan had done a wonderful diplomacy and won the hearts of Saudi and UAE rulers for making long-term big investment in Pakistan. The difference between Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan is that the NS promoted his family and filthy business during foreign trips, but Khan is doing everything for his country and for his people.

This approach of Imran Khan would make a big difference those who have ruled the Pakistan in the past, but did nothing worth mentioning except promoting their vested interests.

As the Prime Minister is expected to visit more countries in the weeks to come, we anticipate that his efforts would open many avenues of big foreign investment in Pakistan that had been neglected badly in the past one decade because of massive corruption, bad governance and nepotism.

We believe that in less than one month of his Premiership, Imran Khan had done the finest diplomacy for his country that would benefit the people in the days to come.

In another important diplomacy of the PTI government is that it deliberately ignored the US decision of suspending US$300 million aid to Pakistan under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) during the visit of the Foreign Secretary of America. Instead of begging money, the PTI government made it clear that they want to reset and revisit the Pak-US bilateral relationship with the purpose to find out a strategy that goes in the interest of Pakistan. This unexpected diplomacy of Pakistan, led by Imran Khan, has left America with no other choice but to announce yesterday that the USA is going to reconsider the payment of US$300 million CSF amount to Pakistan.

The most difficult challenge for the PTI government at this time is the repayment of about US$9 billion worth foreign loans by Dec 2018 and we anticipate that the government would overcome this major challenge soon through its well-thought out diplomacy, austerity drive and efforts to recover the looted money by signing bilateral agreements with the United Kingdom and other leading countries in the world.

Javed Best Snap Dec17 (11th awards)

(Writer is Editor, Weekly Corporate Ambassador, a founding-member of Karachi Editors Club and former Resident Editor of daily The Nation, Karachi. For feedback, plz send email to Mr Javed Mahmood at or send message at WhatsApp 923343939029)



PTI MNA Nusrat Wahid donates one-month salary for Dam

PTI Nusrat Wahid

Corporate Ambassador/KARACHI: Pakistan Tahreek-e-nsaf Member of the National Assembly Ms Nusrat Wahid has donated her one month salary into the account which has been opened on the instruction of chief justice of Pakistan Saqib  Nisar. Further she said that the criticism by the opposition parties on the construction of Dams is totally superfluous, and she condemned and said that for a mega project criticism by the opposition parties in the beginning of the project is useless and superfluous. Due to incompetency and rigidity of the previous governments the dams could not be constructed as result there is great crisis of water in the country. Country’s economy is based on Agriculture out put, the level of water on all revivers of Pakistan is depleting On the other hand India is trying to capture and control the flow of waters towards Pakistan by building the dams and barricades which is also a part of International conspiracy.

PTI MNA Nusrat WahidDue to the previous government’s incompetency and rigidity Pakistan now stands as number 3 in line of the countries facing water crisis. The underground reservoir of water is hardly 21%. If we do not stop the Indian water and irrigation plan by stopping the water flows towards Pakistan, our situation will be worst then Ethiopia and Somalia.In view of these situation the chief justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar initiated the Dam fund account which is highly appreciated. She appealed to all the Pakistanis living abroad and in the country to participate as much as they can in funding the Dam project in order to avoid serious and grave water crisis in Pakistan.


WAPDA receives bids for Bhasha Dam

BhashaDam land not purchased

Corporate Ambassador/ISLAMABAD: The Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) on Wednesday has received pre-qualifications bids from some firms for the construction of Diamer-Bhasha dam that appears a major breakthrough towards the construction of this mega dam.

The Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda), while gearing up its efforts for implementation of the projects, has received pre-qualification bids at Wapda House on Wednesday from as many as five joint ventures of foreign and local firms through international competitive bidding for construction of main dam and appurtenant structures of Diamer-Bhasha dam project, WAPDA said in a statement issued on Wednesday.


It announced to evaluate the bids in accordance with the procurement rules of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority and the Pakistan Engineering Council. The 272-meter Diamer-Bhasha dam will have a gross water storage capacity of 8.1 million acre feet and would generate more than 18 billion units of electricity on annual basis.


Several philanthropists and common people have donated tens of millions of rupees for the construction of this dam on the appeal of the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.


Diamer-Bhasha dam is a multipurpose project aimed at water storage, flood mitigation and power generation. The project will be constructed across River Indus about 40-kilometer downstream of Chillas town.


The project will generate 4500 megawatts of electricity with annual energy generation of more than 18 billion units of low-cost and environment friendly electricity. With construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam project, the life of Tarbela dam will increase to another 35 years,” it added.

PM Imran Khan’s towering personality cuts the image of Modi

Imran Khan

News Analysis By J. Choudhry, Editor Corporate Ambassador

ISLAMABAD: The towering personality of newly-elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan who enjoys global fame has cut the popularity graph of Indian Prime Minister Modi. Before general elections 2018 in Pakistan, Modi was more popular in comparison with our previous leaders in the government.

However, after the formation of PTI Government and oath-taking of Prime Minister Imran Khan on August 18, 2018, the popularity graph of Khan, known as liberal, hyper-active and friendly as well throughout the world, has left Indian PM Modi far, far behind in popularity and good leadership role.


From the day the Khan had taken oath as Premier of Pakistan, we now rarely hear about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was earlier dominating the debate in Pakistani circles because of frequent firing on LoC and his rhetoric against Pakistan.

When PTI came to power, some Indians tried to create mess through their media, but Indian cricketers like Sidhu, Gawaskar, Kapil Dev and others came on the front and they welcomed Imran Khan as new PM of Pakistan with the hope that his (Khan’s) government would promote  friendly relationship with India.

Modi mass murderer

When Indian cricketer Sidhu embraced Pakistani Army Chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, the Indian extremists raised a lot of hue and cry on their media and declared traitor to the legendary Indian cricketer Sidhu. However, this wicked and malicious propaganda of Indians ended in fiasco when someone shared the joint military exercises in Russia in which Pakistani and Indian military officials also participated.

Some Indians also gave examples of Indian PM Modi who flew to Lahore and went to Jati Umra to attend wedding of the grand-daughter of jailed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Modi gifted several turbans to Sharif family during that wedding.

Opening of Kartarpur Border for Sikh Yatrees

The new government’s decision of opening Kartarpur Border for Sikh Yatrees on the occasion of upcoming anniversary of Sikhs’ spiritual leader Baba Guru Nanak has further elevated the image of Pakistan, Prime Minister and Army Chief. Indian cricketer Sidhu requested the Pakistan government, including the Chief of Army Staff, to open the Kartarpur border to which Pakistan immediately responded and also approached the Indian government to take necessary steps to facilitate the opening of Kartarpur border and arrival/departure of Sikh Yatrees from that point of border between the two countries.

Sidhu in Pakistan

In his opening speech, Imran Khan has made it clear that his government is ready to improve bilateral relationship with India but with the condition of equality and that the issue of Kashmir should also be resolved amicably.

Sidhu pics111

The austerity measures taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan, abolition of about Rs 80 billion worth discretionary funds of the PM and Ministers and decision of auctioning most luxurious and expensive cars dedicated for the PM’s fleet have further elevated the popularity  graph of Imran Khan.

From the day the PTI chairman had taken the oath as Prime Minister, several important diplomats and ambassadors from different countries have not only met with Khan but also invited him to visit their countries.

Interesting to note is that instead of rushing for foreign trips, Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to spend his first 100 days in Pakistan with the aim to bring sweeping changes in the system and to bolster action against the Kings of Corruption through the National Accountability Bureau and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for the recovery of the plundered billions of rupees in the past.

A few days ago the Prime Minister of Pakistan has urged the overseas Pakistanis and local people to donate generously to support the government to build mega dam – Diamir Basha Dam that envisages and estimated cost of about US$14 billion. The government needed around US$1.5 billion to US$2 billion a year for the construction of this mega dam that will have live storage of water of more than 6 million acres feed while it will also produce 4500MWs of low-cost hydel electricity.

These decisions are improving the image of Imran Khan day by day and the people are anticipating that the new Prime Minister and his government would be much better than the Kings of Corruption, who ruled for Pakistan in the past for many years. Some of them are in Jail and some more are expected to be in jail who are facing mega corruption cases.

(Writer is Editor of Weekly Corporate Ambassador, International Correspondent, Columist/TV Analyst, Founding-Member of Karachi Editors Club & Ex-Resident Editor daily The Nation, Karachi. For feedback send him email at



Overseas Pakistanis send home $4bn in 2 months

Overseas Pakistanis have sent US$4 billion in first two months of financial year 2018-19 (July/August 2018). In percentage the inflow of remittances depicted 13th% growth over the same two months of 2017. From Sept-2018, the inflow of remittances will actually reflect the impact of overseas Pakistanis confidence on PTI government and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s appeal of sending more foreign exchange to build mega dam, Diamir Bhasha Dam that will be built an an estimated cost of US$14 billion in next seven to eight years with average annual expenditures of about US$2 billion (maximum in a year) because the capacity of spending on a mega dam is around two billion dollars a year.


4 billion remittances in 2 months


PSEABF hosts welcome dinner for participants of International Business Forum


Corporate Ambassador/KARACHI: Pakistan South East Asia Business Forum (PSEABF) and Karachi Business Forum (KBU) hosted a welcome dinner in honour of delegates, distinguished dignitaries, speakers and sponsors supporting PSEABF at the residence of Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui, Chairman Afeef Group on Friday. The PSEABF international Conference will be held on Saturday (September 8), 2018 from 9:00 AM 5:45 PM at a local hotel Karachi.

Sardar Masood Khan President Azad Jamu Kashmir (AJK) and Murad Ali Shah will be the chief guests on different sessions respectively. While global leaders from South East Aisa and Pakistan will be addressing the Forum. Sahibzadi Mahin Khan and Farhad Karamally are organizing this event.

Speakers at the dinner appreciated efforts of organizers for holding this interactive conference which will be attracting foreign investments in Pakistan.

The Pakistan South East Asia Business Forum is dedicated to convening ‘Global Thought Leaders’ from public and private sectors to discuss innovative and collaborative ways to solve modern challenges of global economic growth and overcome them by sharing responsibility, building purposeful alliances between stakeholders and using dialogue for long term success.


AJK President, Sindh Chief Minister to chair PSEABF in Karachi

Mahin & Fawad organizing this mega event to boost economy, promote investment and regional stability 


Staff Report/Karachi: Sahibzadi Mahin Khan and Farhad Karamally will coordinate 100 days 11-point agenda of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to attract foreign investment in the country and to boost economy, at a day-long Pakistan South East Asia Business Forum (PSEABF) being held in Karachi. The Forum to be held on Saturday (Sept 8) will consist of two sessions. This mega event will begin at 9am and conclude by 5:45pm at a local hotel in Karachi. Rights of admission for the forum are reserved.

Sardar Masood Khan President Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) and Murad Ali Shah Chief Minister of Sindh will be the chief guests of two different sessions, respectively, while global leaders from South East Asia and Pakistan will be addressing the Forum to highlight the potential of investment and growth in the economy of Pakistan in the years ahead.


Mahin said: “We all want to transform our challenges into opportunities. We want to benefit from globalization, taking advantage of geographical location and are determined to build foundation on the sustained economic growth, political stability and peaceful regional environment. We are committed to play our part in the promotion of peace, stability and development in our region, so that our coming generations live progressively with prosperity.”

The Pakistan South East Asia Business Forum is dedicated to convening ‘Global Thought Leaders’ from public and private sectors to discuss innovative and collaborative ways to solve modern challenges of global economic growth and overcome them by sharing responsibility, building purposeful alliances between stakeholders and using dialogue for long term success.

Through a series of insightful discussions and focused working groups and conferences, the PSEABF is an opportunity for Government and non-Government Bodies to share their visions for sustainable economic development and find new ways to work together towards achieving the common goals.

The Focus of PSEABF is to build trust, regional peace, stability, accelerate regional economic integration, encourage economic and technical cooperation, develop economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region, sharing best practices that can be replicated for growth, encourage active collaboration and mutual assistance, enhance human security, facilitate a favorable and sustainable business environment, promote dialogue in the field of security, business opportunities and enhancement of financial stakes among the regional countries and network thought leaders with passionate influencers to promote progress in the region——–End

Why don’t you change culture of PIMS Hospital? An Open Letter to PTI Govt

PIMS emergency

J. Choudhry/Editor Corporate Ambassador/ISLAMABAD

The government of Tehrik-e-Insaf led by Prime Minister Imran Khan has formed the first back of its cabinet of federal ministers on August 18, 2018. Aamir Mehmood Kiyani has been given the portfolio of the Health Ministry. This writer has visited the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) for three consecutive days last week for the treatment of a relative without approaching anyone for ‘sifarish’.

The prevailing culture at the Outdoor Patient Department of the PIMS was very disappointing and, in fact, same old rotten environment, reflecting zero change in the system and culture of the hospital is prevailing. I have observed the following drawbacks and mismanagement at the PIMS that are existing for years:

Long queues of the patients/their relatives are seen for registration at the patient-registration counters of the OPD daily from 8:30am to 11:30am (peak time of patients’ arrival in the hospital).

Again rush of patients and their attendants is seen outside the doctors’ rooms for checkup and to get prescription. We also see queues of poor patients getting free medicines from the Pharmacy of the PIMS situated at the first floor of the OPD. Every new patient spends almost three to five hours in queues for registration and to see the doctors. This writer had also prepared a short video of the OPD showing big rush of patients. The video had been shared on the official Facebook page CorporateAmbassadorOfficial that carries more than 76,500 followers and on my personal Facebook page with the aim to seek change in the rotten culture and to provide relief to the patients and their relatives who spend several hours in stress and agony at the PIMS.

The way the PIMS hospital is operating with years old unfortunate environment, it seems that neither the PTI’s Health Minister Aamir Mehmood Kayani nor any senior leader had yet bothered to visit this largest hospital of Pakistan, located just four/five kilometers away from the PM House, Secretariat and Parliament.

How patients can be facilitated?

Facilitating the patients at PIMS and other government-run hospitals does not involve any expenditure rather it needs good management. For example, all the visiting patients can be given tokens on first-come first-served basis and they can be asked to sit on seats to be placed in the big OPD Hall. The patients can be called one by one for registration, thus this would end the decades old culture of keeping the people (patients and their relatives) in long queues and the people will certainly see the change in the culture, provided the PTI government is interested in doing this.

The same token system can be introduced outside the doctors’ rooms and the patients can be provided seats to wait calmly and comfortably rather than facing frustration and disappointment.

Resume Evening Shift at PIMS

An evening shift at the Outdoor Patients Department (OPD) of the PIMS and other government-run hospitals must be introduced to accommodate crowds of patients. The Poly Clinic Hospital of the federal government in Islamabad had already started second shift at evening to facilitate the patients, but PIMS (the largest hospital) is yet to follow it. The PIMS started the private practice at evening, but this had been abandoned four or five months ago that has doubled the crowd and embarrassment to the patients.

New jobs should be given to the doctors and para-medical staff to fulfill the PTI’s promises with people of bringing change in the system after forming the government. Lack of staff and equipment is one of the key reasons of queues of patients and extraordinary burden on doctors. Each doctor checks up more than 50 to 70 patients daily that is neither good for the patients nor for the doctors.

Only One CT Scan Machine at PIMS

You would not believe it that there is only one CT scan machine operational at the PIMS that is leading to queues of the patients who are prescribed to have their CT scans. Why only is CT scan machine is operational at the Pakistan’s largest public hospital in Islamabad? PTI government’s Health Minister Aamir Kiyani must look into the affairs of the hospitals as early as possible. Only few administrative measures will entirely change the culture of the govt-run hospitals without spending too much money.