Ebusiness growing at a fast pace in Pakistan

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KARACHI: Ebusiness and Ecommerce is growing at a fast pace in Pakistan said speakers at the Ebuzz conference held at DHA Suffa University. The two day conference hosted by students was held on 15th and 16th April. Rehan Allahwala, Saad Jangda, Faisal Kapadia, Abid Beli, Fahim-Uz-Zaman, and Raheel Nabi.

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Mahwish Anjum, Head of Department, Management Sciences welcomed the guests along with Organizers and students. The Vice Chancellor of DHA Suffa University, Engr. Prof. Dr. Sarfraz Hussain, addressed the conference and highlighted the importance of responsibly using Internet and social media for personal and career development.

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Rehan Allahwala, Founder of Rehan University, also spoke on the occasion and highlighted importance of long term goals in the success of all types of Businesses. Saad Janda, CEO symbios.pk explained the business model of an eshopping website.

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On the second day of the Conference, Abid Beli, the founder of belicity.com and pioneer of etailing websites in Pakistan explained the primary hurdles in the transition of businesses to ecommerce. Faisal Kapadia, a leading social media and ecommerce strategist spoke of the growing market for ebusinesses and ecommerce websites. He further cited many successful models.

Fahim Uz Zaman, EFMA, spoke about the ebanking process and visually explained its success in the past and its current position. In the end Raheel Nabi, a leading social media strategist spoke about various success factors pertaing to the conference subject.

Students of DHA Suffa University asked very pertinent question on the occasion. The conference concluded with the presentation of mementos and certificates, many considered a huge success and a major achievement for the DHA Suffa University.

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