China asks its people not to visit India


BEIJING: Amid the tense border standoff with India, Beijing has asked its citizens not to visit India. The travel advisory to Chinese was issued through the Chinese embassy in New Delhi. It asked Chinese travellers to India to pay close attention to the security situation and take necessary precautions.

China also asked its citizens and companies in India to be careful during the ongoing standoff with India to stay safe from anti-China sentiment in India.

Chinese foreign ministry officials emphasized that it is an “advisory” and not an “alert” that was issued. They didn’t clarify the difference, but it’s likely an “advisory” is milder than an “alert”.

China Parade

On July 5, China had said it was considering issuing such an alert for citizens visiting India, depending on the security situation following the border standoff in Doklam with India.

For the past few weeks, China and India are facing border standoff at different points that heightened tension between the two countries.

“The Chinese government attaches great importance to safety and lawful rights and interests of overseas Chinese citizens in accordance with the security condition of the relevant countries,” said a foreign Ministry spokesman.

Earlier this week, a leading official newspaper in Beijing warned Chinese companies operating in India to be alert and take steps to avoid being hit by anti-China sentiment.

An article in the Global Times called on Chinese firms to reduce their investments in India in view of the tension. China and India have been engaged in the standoff in the Doklam area near the Bhutan tri-junction for the past three weeks.



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