Chairman, Chief Guest of 11th Corporate Ambassador Awards in Islamabad

This is the Promo of the upcoming 11th Corporate Ambassador Awards, being held in Islamabad on Nov 4, 2017 at Hotel Crown Plaza, Jinnah Avenue. Dr Ashfaque Hasan Khan, Dean of NUST School of Social Sciences and Humanities and former Economic Adviser of Finance Ministry is joining as Chairman of 11th Awards, H.E. Mr Claudio Raja Gabaglia Lins, Ambassador of Brazil is joining as Chief Guest. Philanthropist and Senior Educationist/Trainer Aamna Rauf Malik is participating as Guest of Honour. Below are two Promos of the 11th awards.

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Here is the coverage of 10th Corporate Ambassador Awards organized in Karachi at Beach Luxury Hotel.

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Staff Report/KARACHI: Pakistanis must send remittances through banking channel to discourage ‘hundi’ and to support transfer of money through legal channels that would promote the economic stability in the country.

Irtiza Kazmi, EVP/Group Chief of Global Home Remittance of National Bank of Pakistan stated this while speaking as Chief Guest at the 10th Corporate Ambassador Awards organized at Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi.

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He said that for the first time in 13 years, the inflow of remittance in Pakistan has shown decline in 2016-17 because of global issues, including jobs cut in some Gulf countries.

He said that the current account deficit was very high, remittance are facing slowdown and this is the time our overseas Pakistanis should send maximum money through banking channels.

People often complain about the issues related to governance of the government, but people must themselves play their due role in promoting remittance and national economic development in Pakistan.


If every Pakistani is playing his/her role in nation building, Pakistan will certainly get stronger and stable, he added.

He said that National Bank of Pakistan was giving incentives and rewards to Pakistanis who are sending/receiving remittances through NBP through lucky draw. He said that the countrymen must take benefit of this scheme to support growth in remittance and nation building.


Speaking on the occasion Irtaza Sarwar, CEO of Gresham Private Limited said that Pakistan has enormous potential of alternative energy production. He said that his company was playing an important role in the development of alternative energy in the country.

He said that his company was ready to support the organisations and government departments that want to promote production of energy through alternative resources in Pakistan to overcome shortfall in production of electricity in the country.

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Chief Editor weekly Corporate Ambassador organized the 10th Corporate Ambassador Awards at Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi.

Renowned Fashion Designer Madiha Gohar was the Chairperson of the 10th Awards while famous Astrologist Ms Rozina Jalal was special guest speaker. Mehrin Ilahi, CEO of Majmua Art Gallery, Mubasher Mir, President Karachi Editors Club & Resident Editor Daily Pakistan, Faisal Zahid Malik, Chief Editor Daily Pakistan Observer and Nusrat Haris, famous Host of PTV morning show Subh-e-Nau were among the important participants.


Corporate Ambassador Awards is a social & corporate award introduced by senior Journalist Javed Mahmood in 2012. This award is given to the organizations and professionals belonging to any field who have to their credit some notable achievement(s) in their life, profession, business, career or social welfare. Students with certain ambitions and achievements have also been given awards. The purpose of organizing this award is to appreciate those who have done wonderful work and motivate others to follow the path of the High-Achievers in the society. Since 2012 more than 250 organisations and individuals have received this award.


Awards Jury Members Sept17

In the above picture following dignitaries are the Members of Awards Jury ___ Ms Rozina Jalal, Pakistan’s renowned Astrologist; Mubasher Mir, President, Karachi Editors Club & Resident Editor daily Pakistan & TV Analyst, Karachi. Ali Nasir, Senior TV Anchor of Business Plus & Analyst, Karachi; Muttahir A. Khan, Asst. Professor/Anchor & Analyst; Alveena Agha, BOL TV Anchor & Chief Editor Affairs magazine, Karachi; and Javed Mahmood, Chief Editor Corporate Ambassador.


Speaking on the occasion renowned Astrologist Ms Rozina Jalal said that the appreciation is must to support the organisations and individuals doing good work in our society.

She said that very few people appreciate others who deserve acknowledgement of their noble work for the well being of the people and the society. Rozina Jalal said that Chief Editor of weekly Corporate Ambassador Javed Mahmood deserves appreciation and support for promoting those organisations and individuals who have done good work in their profession.


She said that students are also being given awards free of cost for showing outstanding performance in study and in social work.


Nusrat Haris, famous TV Host, who won the Best TV Host Award, said that she was very glad after receiving the honour of this award. She thanked the Chief Editor of Corporate Ambassador Javed Mahmood and Members of Awards Jury _ Rozina Jalal, Mubasher Mir, Ali Nsir, Muttahir Ahmed Khan and Javed Mahmood who approved award for her.


Karachi Editors Club President and Resident Editor of Daily Pakistan Mubasher Mir said that organizing awards like event is very tough task. He said that he himself organizes two awards _ Energy Awards & Excellence in Journalism Awards every year.


Mubasher Mir said that we should promote the culture of appreciation and support all those who are promoting image, culture and good work of organisations and individuals in our society.


He also appreciated Javed Mahmood of Corporate Ambassador for holding 10th Awards in Karachi at Beach Luxury Hotel on Aug-25, 2017.

More glimpses of awards

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PML(N) govt pays $50 billion mark-up on loans in 4-years

Special brief report by J. Choudhry/Editor Corporate Ambassador. This report is based on the data of the Ministry of Finance, posted below. It makes clear each and everything.

2016-17 budget

Can you believe it that this country of poor had paid $50 billion worth mark-up on loans obtained from the domestic and foreign institutions in last four years, from 2013-14 to 2016-17. According to Finance Ministry’s budget reports, in 2013-14 the PML(N) government spent $12 billion (Rs 1147.8 billion) on payment of mark-up against domestic and foreign loans. In 2014-15, another $13 billion worth amount (Rs 1303.7 billion) spent on payment of interest on loans, whereas, in 2015-16 the payment of mark-up on loans amounted to about $12.40 billion (Rs 1263.56 billion). In last financial year, 2016-17 (ended in June-2017), the PML(N) government spent another $13 billion (Rs 1348.43 billion) for payment of mark-up (sood) on loans.

2015-16 budget1

Thus in four years of PML(N) government the country has spent a massive amount, equal to $50 billion on the payment of mark-up. It does not include the amount spent on repayment of loans, domestic and foreign. In last four years the government had obtained about $58 billion worth loans, mostly from the domestic resources —- domestic banks and State Bank of Pakistan while foreign lenders like IMF and others did not provide a big amount of money for budgetary support.

2014-15 budget1

2012-14 budget1

stock exchange loses 12,000 points

Pakistan Stock Exchange has suffered massive losses in recent months and the PSX-100 index had skipped to about 40,237 points on Oct 12, 2017, from 52,000+ points on May 16, 2017 and 53,000+ points in Jan-2017. Increased political tug of war in Panama case and after disqualification of Nawaz Sharif that things have worsened on the economic and political fronts in the country. The PML(N) govt has deliberately ruined the economic stability perhaps to take revenge of Panama case from Pakistan and Pakistanis.

Foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan have also declined by more than $4 billion since Nov-2016, when reserves stayed above $24+ billion and now at below $20 billion. Table of forex issued by State Bank of Pakistan is posted below.

Forex down $4.26 billion