$6.20Bn decline reported in current account deficit of Pakistan

Balance of Payment July 2018 to June 2019

State Bank of Pakistan today reported $6.20 billion decline in the current account deficit of Pakistan during 2018-19. In last financial year, the CAD fell to $13.58 billion, compared to $19.90 Billion in 2017-1 (during last year of (PML-N) government. Decline in current account deficit is the outcome of increase in remittances to record high, $21.80 billion in 2018-19 (first year of PTI govt) and slowdown in imports because of increase in taxes, duties and hike in exchange rate of dollar.

State Bank of Pakistan has issued latest balance of payment position of the country that is placed at the top of this article.


Editor “She” Magazine laid to rest in Karachi 

CorporateAmbassador/KARACHI: Zuhra Karim, renowned journalist and Editor ‘She’ magazine, mother of a renowned banker Javed Kureishi and wife of Masood Karim laid to rest, here at DHA Graveyard, Phase VIII in Karachi on, Wednesday.

last journey zuhrakarim1The funeral prayers for the departed soul were performed at Masjid-e-Tariq, Zamzama Clifton. Ms Zuhra Karim was passed away in Singapore on July 5, 2019. A large number of elite from all walks of life including Zafar Masud Director NBP, Syed Ibne Hassan Head of Media NBP, Zakir Mahmood Ex-President HBL, Waseem Bari member PCB, Iqbal Adamjee, Aqeel Jafri Pirana Advertising, Masood Zaidi, Manzar Naqvi, Azfar Masood and various known personalities from media, banking sector, business community and government officials attended the funeral.

last journey of ZuhraKarimThey also shared their grief and sorrow with the bereaved family.
Earlier, she had breathed her last Tuesday after a brief illness.
KUJ in its condolence meeting offered Fateha for the departed soul. Media expressed offered condolence for the bereaved family and prayed that Almighty Allah may rest her soul in eternal peace and give courage to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss with fortitude. Ameen.


Can India afford nuke-war with Pakistan?

Special Report by Javed Mahmood, Chief Editor Corporate Ambassador

PakIndia flags

Once again, speculations are rife that India can carry out nuclear attack on Pakistan. And a debate has begun whether or not two nuclear powers can go for a full-fledged first-ever nuclear war in the world. This debate has resurfaced soon after the second time victory of BJP-led Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, known as an extremist Hindu and killers of Muslims in India.

Minorities for Modi and Canadian PMSo far, there is no precedent of full-scale war between any two nuclear powers in the world. However, if India dares to attack on Pakistan, it will, indeed, lead to a nuclear war. In a recent skirmish, Pakistan has shot down two war-planes of India and the Indian government and army did not dare to attack Pakistan keeping in mind the nuclear capability of Pakistan.

Worth to note is that during his visit to Dhaka, (Bangladesh) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is known as an extremist leader of the BJP, proudly stated that India supported Mukti Bahni in East Pakistan that led to the creation of Bangladesh.

Modi mass murderer

He also stated that he himself participated in fight against Pakistan Army in East Pakistan as a volunteer. Before visiting Bangladesh, Indian Prime Minister has strongly opposed the China-Pak Corridor Project when he visited China and held meeting with his Chinese counterpart.

Interestingly, from the day Pakistan has implemented the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), we are hearing about war and proxy war by India against Pakistan. Do you think China who is also an arch-rival of India, would remain a silent spectator in case India imposed war on Pakistan _ certainly not.

Now we look back to 2001-2002 Indian conspiracy in which India blamed Pakistan for Dec 2001 Mumbai attacks and deployed its armed forces along border. Pakistan also reciprocated with the same zest and deputed Army in a tit-for-tat strategy. This military stand-off continued for the six consecutive months, but India did not dare to attack Pakistan fearing a serious retaliation and backlash from the regime of Gen. Pervez Musharraf.

This was the second major military standoff between India and Pakistan following the successful detonation of nuclear devices by both the countries in 1998, the other had been the Kargin War in 1999 in which Pakistani military killed thousands of Indian army personnel.

The military buildup was initiated by India after terrorist attacks on the Indian Parliament on 13 December 2001 (during which twelve people, including the five men who attacked the building, were killed). India claimed that the attacks were carried out by two Pakistan-based terror groups, but Pakistan strongly denied it. Later on, Indian officials themselves disclosed that it was a conspiracy against Pakistan and whole world witnessed that drama.

Now we discuss here as to who would be the major loser in case India imposes war on Pakistan. Throughout the world, Pakistan is famous world over as a beggar country that gets three to five billion dollars every year from major donor agencies and the countries to meet balance of payment obligations and other purposes.
The size of Pakistan’s GDP is less than 370 billion US dollars while the Indian GDP is above 2000 billion US dollars, many times larger than Pakistan. The market capitalisation of Karachi Stock Exchange these days is around 80 billion dollars while Indian stock markets capitalisation is over one trillion US dollars.
In 2017-18 the foreign trade of Pakistan mounted to about 75 billion dollars (US$ billion 24 exports & US$51 billion imports) while Exports of India in March 2015 mounted to $24 billion (just one month exports of India were equal to annual exports of Pakistan and same is the trend in imports).
Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves are close to 17 billion dollars in June 2015 and Indian reserves stand above 350 billion dollars in 2015.
Like big difference in the economy of the two countries, there is also a wide gap in the size of population in Pakistan and India. Population in Pakistan is about 200 million while India hosts over 1.25 billion people. As India is much larger than Pakistan in size, economy, population and wealth, it is understood that the Indians will suffer greater losses in case of war with Pakistan.
For example, if a missile or bomb kills 10 people in Pakistan, the matching retaliation would lead to 200 or more killings in India in one incident because of the bigger size of the population.
Another major hurdle in the way of India to attack Pakistan is the massive inflow of foreign investment. Every year, India is attracting more or less US$65 billion foreign investment, whereas, Pakistan is hardly getting two billion dollars foreign investmet in a year. Hence, in last 10 years, India has received more than US$600 billion foreign investment and do you think the foreign investors would support India to throw their billions of dollars into war-flames and ashes, certainly not.

Similarly, if Pakistan suffers one million dollars worth loss or more in one incident of war, India would lose more than 100 million dollars, or much more than it.
As Pakistan is also a nuclear power, India must not under-estimate the defence deterrence and capability of this country. Political and defence analysts say that war between Pakistan and India could shatter the Indian dream of becoming regional economic in future. Even Indians too have sounded this feeling and they have asked their government in 2001-2002 and in 2008 as well to use the tactic of pressure, instead of direct war.
Analysts also say that at this time war would benefit Pakistan as the government could pull-out all its forces pitched against local militants and the armed forces and militants can struggle jointly for the survival of the country and to teach a long-lasting lesson to the arch rival neighbouring country.

It is a known fact that Pakistan is a renowned beggar country and the beggars lose nothing in war or fight. Because like past Pakistan would continue to receive 4-5 billion dollars annual assistance from the international donor agencies and countries in future. But the misadventure of a full-scale war (that can ultimately convert into nuclear war) could turn India into a beggar country too.

New war could also throw India into the club of high-risk countries, leading to an unbelievable loss to her economy, foreign investment, multi-national companies, mega companies and capital markets. Instead of hurling threats on Pakistan and using provocative language and statements against Pakistan, India should give attention to her own diehard extremists, separatists and those who killed Indian ATS Chief Karkare during Mumbai carnage, the man who expose the involvement of Indian Colonel in the Samjhota Express carnage.
India should also weed out black sheep in her Armed Forces because the involvement of Indian Army Colonel in the Samjhota Express case had not only exposed the Indian army but defamed it at all forums.

Worth to note is that more than 64,000 Indians have fallen prey to India’s own extremism since 1994 and the extremists party of India, BJP and its extremist Prime Minister Narendra Modi must show sane attitude to save millions of people who can become victims of new war between the two nuclear powers.

Finally, before opting for attack, India must keep in mind the Pakistan’s courage of shooting down two Indian war-planes recently. At present, India will not find any  kind of sympathy from Pakistan that it was getting from PML(N) government and Sharif family. Downing of two Indian war-planes means Pakistan is pursuing a zero tolerance in case of Indian aggression.


Jury Members of 16th Corporate Ambassador Awards

15th Awards backdrop March16

Jury Members of Corporate Ambassador Awards

Jury Members of upcoming 16th Corporate Ambassador Awards (to be organized in Karachi in coming months) are: Javed Mahmood, Founder/President of Corporate Ambassador Awards; Rozina Jalal, renowned Astrologist; Dr Afrozia Tabbasum, Chairperson Tabbo Welfare Society, Karachi; Ms Samar Nizam, Managing Director VNN TV Channel/Senior Anchorperson Awaz TV; Syed Turab Shah, Group Director Marketing Daily Ausaf, Karachi; Ms Rizwana Farooq, President Hand-in-Hand NGO/Nai Roshni School, Karachi; Dr Jabbar Khan, senior TV Analyst/Journalist/Educationst; Irtiza Sarwar, CEO Gresham’s & Energy Conservation Expert; Dr Shujaat Mubarak, Dean MAJU Business Administration & TV Anchorperson, Karachi; Shuja Ullah Khan, Chief Editor weekly Commerce Bulletin, Karachi; Aamna Malik; Senior Educationist/Founder Fog-Light NGO, Islamabad; Farhan Wilayat Butt, Senior Banker/Social Activist, Lahore; Muttahir Ahmed Khan, Assistant Professor/TV Analyst; Sharmeen Shafiq Khan, Sindh Information Officer, Karachi and Rakhshanda Jabeen, TV Host, Social Activist and banker, based in Multan.

Info of Corporate Ambassador Awards

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, the 15th Corporate Ambassador Awards was organized on 16th of March, 2019, at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi. The Corporate Ambassador Awards is an initiative of Weekly Corporate Ambassador, launched in 2012 from Karachi. It is a corporate and social award that aims at promoting the achievements of companies and individuals, including the students and social activists. We are giving awards to companies, Presidents/Chairmen, MDs, CEOs, leading business persons/entrepreneurs, experts, social activists, and renowned personalities belonging to showbiz, media, culture, diplomatic circles and students who have notable achievements to their credit.

15th awards11

So far, 15 awards have been organized _ 11 in Karachi and 4 in Islamabad. About 535 organizations and individuals have received this prestigious award. Most important award winners are National Bank of Pakistan; Allied Bank; Silkbank Ltd; Habib Bank; JS Bank; National Foods Limited; AKD Securities; Arif Habib Commodities; EFU Insurance, Sui Southern Gas Company, NexSource Pakistan Chairman; Mettis Global Fin-Tech data Co; Fog-Light NGO, PCSIR, PSQCA, PNCA, Majmua Art Gallery, Thespianz Theater, Eye For Art, Center for Research on Security Studies (CRSS), She Foundation, Lahore; Flash Security Co. Islamabad; TDAP, Iftikhar & Company, etc., while list of Chairmen, MDs, CEOs, social activists, individual professionals and students is very long. The purpose of this awards initiative is to encourage those who are doing good work and motivate others to follow the path of high-achievers in the country.

Javed Mahmood Best New Pix April7

Weekly Corporate Ambassador, founded by senior Journalist/TV Analyst & International Writer, Javed Mahmood (J. Choudhry), is being accessed/monitored from over 175 countries in the world. The number of followers of the Facebook page of Corporate Ambassador has increased to 83,500+ that are in addition to our thousands of followers on LinkedIn (5,600+), Google Group of 5,000+ journalists, Anchors, TV Analysts, Columnists in Pakistan and abroad.

Every time, more than 250,000 social media users view the awards Promos and Posts through our paid advertisements while and viewers of some TV channels and readers of newspapers view the awards-related coverage (posts, pictures and interviews) that is very effective way of branding and image building.

Our Awards Jury: The members of Jury of Corporate Ambassador Awards (headed by me), are well-known and highly respected personalities in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Multan.

Advantages of Winning Corporate Ambassador Award


  • Image Building
  • Strong Branding
  • Leadership Development
  • Personality Development for Business and Career
  • Acknowledgement/Appreciation of Achievements
  • Motivation for further Excellence in Business/Career
  • Social Contacts Building
  • Interaction with selected High-Profile personalities
  • A Powerful Reference for Achievements
  • More than 450 Organizations & Individuals have already received this award
  • Corporate Ambassador Award is a famous brand in Pakistan especially in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore since 2012

Who Are Eligible for Corporate Ambassador Awards?

Corporate Ambassador Awards is a social & corporate awards that are given to the organisations, companies, professionals belonging to any field who have some notable achievement(s) in their life, profession, business, career or social welfare work to their credit. Students with certain ambitions and achievements have also been given awards and Hi-Achievers (students) can also apply for this award. Here are glimpses of recent awards. Since 2012, 15 Corporate Ambassador Awards have been organized _ 11 in Karachi and three (4) in Islamabad while more than 550 companies and individuals have been honored with this prestigious award. Companies and Individual Experts and Social Activists, having any achievement(s) can apply for this award.

The awards programme after seeing their profiles and achievements. Companies, Organisations and Professionals belonging to any field having outstanding achievement(s) can submit their nomination for this award to Mr Javed Mahmood (Chief Editor & President of CA Awards) at his email: jchoudhry63@gmail.com or WhatsApp 0334-3939029. Nomination fee is charged only from the winners of the awards to cover the cost of the event. A special discount is given to students with outstanding achievements.

Link of 15th CA Awards organized in Karachi



Health tax on cigarettes, cold drinks in new budget

Corporate Ambassador/ISLAMABAD: PTI government is going to impose health tax on cigarettes and drink drinks in the new budget being announced next week. In the new budget for 2019-20 the government has proposed 10 rupees tax on each packet of 20-cigarettes and one rupees on each cold drink bottle of 250/ml.

The federal cabinet of the PTI government had already given approval for the imposition of this sin tax and it will be enforced from July 2019 after approval of the new budget from the parliament.

Here is the image of the proposal of the Finance Ministry relating to the imposition of sin tax on cigarettes and cold drinks.

sin tax on cigarettes

NBP, Engro, LDA & Serving Hands serve needy people in Hawksbay, Karachi

serving hands1

Corporate Ambassador/KARACHI: Serving Hands Organization, Engro Foundation & National Bank of Pakistan in collaboration with Layari Development Authority (LDA), Karachi Union of Journalist (KUJ), Pamco logistic, Khan group of companies and Universal iInformation system organized Ramadan Mega Relief Free Medical Camp at LDA Sales Centre near Journalist Society Hwksbay scheme 42 bl-3A to facilitate the neighboring poor villages of Musharaf colony, Bhootni goth, Benazir 500 Quarters scheme, Lashkari goth etc.

servng hands2

Honourable Dr. Badar Jamil DG, LDA inaugurated this Mega Relief Medical camp where 1200 patients were treated and Multi National companies costly medicines were distributed free of cost by expert Doctors and medical staff. DG LDA said, this is a great effort of Serving Hands in the great month of Holy Ramadan to provide little relief to these poor ‘Hands to Mouth’ families of our neglected society. Dr. Badar Jamil furthermore added that LDA is standing with Serving Hands Organization for this noble cause and will inshaAllah provide Serving Hands a permanent community shelter to continue this essential medical service to poor patients. DG Dr. Badar jamil,

serving hands3

Dr. Sikandar Ali President (SHO) G.Secretary Ahmad Khan Malik (KUJ) and Syed Ibne Hassan Vice President/ Spokesman’s NBP also distributed over 100s of Rashan bags along with Eid special suits to the needy families. President SHO Dr. Sikandar Ali and G. Secretary Arshad Anwar promissed to continue these camps and free medical servises of their team to the suffering community in the poor areas of Sindh.

serving hands4

Serving Hands Organizatin team also thanked to Mr. Aman Ul Haque Engro Foundation, Group Head Shaukat Mahmood, CSR Head Iqba Wahid of NBP, Mr. Nasir Razi (Scotland), Mr. Yashab Tamanna (UK), Mr. Asad Khan (USA), Mr. Ahsan (USA) and Mr. Zafar Khan (Dubai) for their valuable financial support to this noble cause.

serving hands5

serving hands6

NBP reports 15% growth in pre-tax profit in 1st Quarter of 2019

nbp ho image with new logo

Corporate Ambassador/KARACHI: National Bank of Pakistan has reported 15th percent growth in its pre-tax profit for the first quarter of 2019. During this quarter, the pre-tax profit of the Bank amounted to PKR 8.7 billion as against PKR 7.6 billion for the corresponding quarter of 2018, registering an increase of 15.3%. After-tax profit for the period under review amounted to PKR 4.2 billion being 14.5% lower than PKR 4.9 billion earned during the corresponding period of 2018 due to imposition of super tax vide the Finance Supplementary (Second Amendment) Act 2019 for the tax year 2018 (financial year ended December 31, 2017)Meeting of the Board of Directors (BoD) of National Bank of Pakistan (Bank) was held on May 22, 2019 at Bank’s Head Office in Karachi in which the BoD approved the financial statements of the Bank for the quarter ended March 31, 2019.

NBP President Arif Usmani1

The Bank earned mark-up/interest income amounting to PKR 45.8 billion which is 45.9% higher than PKR 31.4 billion earned during the corresponding period last year. This growth is attributed to the increase in discount rate, as well as a volumetric growth in both investment and advances, YoY. Also, the Bank’s non-mark-up/interest income increased by 40.2% YoY and amounted to PKR 8.3 billion. The Bank’s unconsolidated pre-provision profit amounted to PKR 10.98 billion which is 45.2% higher than PKR 7.6 billion for the corresponding period last year. Pre-tax profit of the Bank amounted to PKR 8.7 billion as against PKR 7.6 billion for the corresponding quarter of 2018, registering an increase of 15.3%. After-tax profit for the period under review amounted to PKR 4.2 billion being 14.5% lower than PKR 4.9 billion earned during the corresponding period of 2018 due to imposition of super tax vide the Finance Supplementary (Second Amendment) Act 2019 for the tax year 2018 (financial year ended December 31, 2017). Earnings per share amounted to PKR 1.97 as against PKR 2.30 for the corresponding quarter ended March 31, 2018.


Total assets of the Bank as at March 31, 2019 stood at PKR 2,401.8 billion compared to PKR 2,798.6 billion as at December 31, 2018, registering a decline of 14.2%. Gross advances of the Bank amounted to PKR 1,046.1 billion which is slightly lower than PKR 1,059.5 billion as at December 31, 2018. However, YoY, total advances stand increased by PKR 176.6 billion or 20.3% as compared to PKR 869.5 billion as of March 31, 2018. Total deposits of the Bank as of March 31, 2019 amounted to PKR 1,778.7 billion, lower by PKR 232.7 billion (11.6%) as against PKR 2,011.4 billion as of December 31, 2018. The drop was observed due to withdrawal of deposits by certain financial institutions. Customer deposits that form the core of Bank’s funding pool however remained stable.


Moving into its 70th year of untiring service to the Nation, the Bank remains committed to delivering exceptional results to its shareholders in years to come. Its business strategy is underpinned by a renewed focus on customer service supported by significant upgrade of its technology infrastructure which is a key enabler.

Get Online Content-Writing Training & Earn Money

Online Training 4 Content Writing01


To add another feather of value-addition, weekly Corporate Ambassador is starting training of Online Content-Writing/Editing after Eid Holidays. In the past, Corporate Ambassador has organized 15 Corporate Ambassador Awards _ 11 in Karachi and four in Islamabad. In addition to this, several conferences and seminars have also been organized from this platform in collaboration with different organizations.

However, to promote employment and skill development, Corporate Ambassador is starting online content writing/editing training, initially from Karachi/Islamabad that will be expanded to other cities later on. For online training, candidates from any city can apply for training.

Candidates with strong writing power in English can apply for training as they will have to pass two tests _ one will be translation from Urdu to English and second test will be the re-writing/editing articles written in English. Basic aim of these two tests is to determine the capability of the candidates that will enable us to design training schedule as per their level of capability.

Fee will be charged from the candidates for this training so that only serious candidates participate in this important training. Fee will be charged as per the length of the training schedule _ from one week to three weeks. Successful candidates will also be facilitated with Part Time writing work, especially those with outstanding writing/editing skill. Part Time online job (Work from Home/Office) will be facilitated on the basis of goodwill gesture and it will not be mandatory/guaranteed. Candidates must have their own Computers/Laptops and internet facility to start part-time writing/editing work after completing the training.

Javed Mahmood Best New Pix April7

Important to note is that we have already trained some youngsters who are already working as freelance writers, quality editors and earning money for more than a year period.

It is an ideal opportunity for those who are either jobless or want to earn additional money through online content writing and editing in English. For further information, plz send email to Mr Javed Mahmood, Editor weekly Corporate Ambassador, international writer and quality editor, having more than 15 years experience of content writing and freelance writing for different international and Pakistani organizations.

Javed Best Snap Dec17 (11th awards)So hurry up and send email at: jchoudhry63@gmail.com or contact at Whatsapp number 0334-3939029. Fee will be charged only from those candidates who clear the tests and qualify for training.




Mohmand Dam groundbreaking ceremony on May 2. PM to be Chief Guest

Ground breaking ceremony of Mohmand Dam is taking place on May 2, 2019, at the site. Prime Minister Imran Khan will be the Chief Guest. Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) had already awarded contract of this project to a consortium led by Descon Engineering of sitting commerce minister Abdul Razak Dawood. The project had been awarded at a cost of 298 billion rupees.

Mohmand Dam groundbreaking

Mohmand dam would have a gross storage capacity to store 1.9 million acre feet (MAF) water with power generation potential of 800-MW and it will irrigate around 17,000 acres of land.


Indian agency tracing links of Sri Lankan bombers having links with India

Inidian NIA raids for Sri Lankan bombers

Corporate Ambassador Monitoring Report/National Investigation Agency (NIA) has searched the houses of at least four people in north Kerala as part of the international probe into the Easter Day suicide bombings in Sri Lanka.

The NIA appeared to have raided some residences in Kasargod and Palakkad after evidence emerged that the targets of their probe had avidly followed on social media Zahran Hashim, the architect of the attacks that claimed hundreds of lives. Meanwhile, daily The Hindu had already reported that the master-mind of the Sri Lankan attacks Zehran Hashim had visited India many a times and spent a substantial time in India. International media reports are claiming that Indian secret agencies have facilitated the terrorist group in Sri Lanka to carry out attacks on churches and hotels with the purpose to defame Islam. The NIA also appeared to have factored in reports that Hashim, the terror mastermind, had travelled widely in India. Hence, his itinerary, contacts and places of stay were currently subjects of interest for the agency.

However, it did not stop NIA agents from swooping down on the houses of the potential suspects at Kaliyangad and Nayanmarmoola in Kasargod and Adavumaram and Muthalamada in Palakkad. Officials said the agency summoned the suspects to their office in Kochi for further questioning. According to officials, the NIA appeared to be investigating whether there was any correlation between the attacks in Sri Lanka and radical activity in mainland India.

They said coastal States in South India, including Kerala, were not immune from upheavals in the island nation, given the sizeable Tamil population whose security concerns often dovetail with their counterparts in Sri Lanka.