PTI govt to end ‘one-front’ for Pakistan Army


Exclusive Analysis/J. Choudhry, Editor Corporate Ambassador

The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) that has emerged as a majority party in 2018 general elections is set to end ‘one-front’ for Pakistan Army as long as the PTI will be running the federal government. PTI has obtained around 118 seats of the Parliament, to be the leading party in the elections.

For the past one decade, Pakistan Army was facing unending series of conspiracies, intrigues and blatant open criticism from the previous governments of Pakistan People  -Party (PPP) from 2008 to 2013 and Pakistan Muslim League (N), from June 2013 to May 2018.

The PPP government’s Memo Gate scandal was one of the major maneuverings of the PPP rulers against the Pakistan Army while the PPP kept on using other clandestine diplomatic channels to defame the military and put pressure on it to achieve their vested interests. Everyone remembers Zardari’s tirade against army (during PML-N days) when he boasted of “eent-say-eent bajana” (retaliating army), but then he immediately left for Dubai while anticipating a befitting response from the military establishment.

Meanwhile, the PML(N) set many bad precedents of damaging the image of Pakistani military on domestic and international fronts and made many open and secret conspiracies to demoralize the army and to defame our soldiers in the world.

The Dawn Leaks and PML(N) leaders open outbursts against army in the Senate, Parliament and in public rallies continued to level different allegations against military.

After disqualification, Nawaz Sharif even blamed the state for sponsoring the Mumbai terrorist attacks although some Indian security officials and international observers have termed those attacks the brainchild of the Indian agencies. Nawaz Sharif’s allegation of state’s involvement in Mumbai attacks was a terrible allegation over an incident that was planned and executed by the Indian intelligence agency to defame Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif also never uttered a word over the arrest of Kulbhushan Yadev, the RAW operative from Pakistan, who was master-mind of many terrorist attacks in Pakistan. So Nawaz Sharif was more loyal to India than his own country that he ruled for many years and plundered an immeasurable amount of money that was shifted to London, Dubai and other countries in the world. The Panama case was the brainchild of the American CIA, but Nawaz Sharif and his cronies continued to blame the Pakistani establishment for this scam that involved billions of dollars corruption of Sharif and his family.

Thus in last 10 years, the military continued to counter the intrigues of the PPP, PML(N) and also remained engaged on borders with Afghanistan and India. Apart from this, the Pakistani military also boldly faced the nefarious designs of the foreign intelligence agencies operating in Pakistan and Afghanistan whose potential target was to destabilize Pakistan, create hatred among the people and anarchy within the country. During the past 10 years, we have witnessed lots of gory incidents that claimed thousands of lives of our innocent people.

It is the money-laundering of Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and other such big thugs that led to the inclusion of Pakistan in the Grey-List by the Financial Action Task Force of the United Nations. Though it is more a political decision rather than a real problem. But the money launder of Nawaz Sharif’s family through Habib Bank New York branch and Summit Bank chairman Hussain Lawai’s arrest in a mega money-laundering case are two most important examples that have defamed Pakistan at every forum. Hussain Lawai was Chairman of Pakistan Stock Exchange when he was taken into custody for money-laundering through the Summit Bank Limited.

So once the PTI forms its government in the center in coming few days, Pakistan army’s 10-year invisible and visible tug of war with the federal government would be over that would enable our soldiers to shift their focus on our borders with Afghanistan, India with more focus and to give a befitting response to the anti-Pakistan intelligence agencies in this country to foil their nefarious motives of supporting the terrorists and their networks in Pakistan and Afghanistan who are shedding blood in Pakistan for the past many years.

Why Indian Media crying over victory of PTI?

From the day one of 2018 elections in Pakistan, Indian media is crying over victory of the PTI just because the Indians have seen big defeat to their agents (Sharifs) who were ardently toeing the Indian agenda.

ImranKhan2Imran Khan, at least, will not become an agent of India and he is expected to prove himself a nationalist leader by showing more dedication for his country through his good decision making and enforcement of the policies that put Pakistan on the path towards growth, stability and sustainability. Let us expect some drastic changes in our rotten culture after the formation of government by the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf led by Imran Khan.


Raw chief in Afghanistan shot dead in Kabul


The Station Chief of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India in Afghanistan Parkash Sena has reportedly been shot dead in Afghanistan by unknown elements.

Parkash Sena had been assassinated in Kabul a few days ago and his killing was kept secret by the Indian and Afghanistan governments. Indian media too kept a mum on assassination of RAW’s station chief in Afghanistan Prakash.

The killing of Parkash is being termed a serious setback to RAW’s network in Afghanistan and a total intelligence failure of RAW in Afghanistan and in India as well.

Two more RAW agents in Afghanistan have also gone missing and this news is also circulating on social media as Indian government and media are keeping mum on this issue.


Why Indian media is not highlighting this major upset to RAW’s network and its intelligence failure?


Fresh IMF loan would be a suicide for Pakistan


By J. Choudhry/KARACHI: Fresh loan deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be suicidal decision for Pakistan. The Fund would force Pakistan to enhance tax revenue through more taxation, devaluation and frequent hike in the prices of petroleum, electricity and gas, etc.

Economic Analysts stated this on Monday. They said that the caretaker Finance Minister Dr Shamshad Akhter was toeing the agenda of IMF and her foreign masters and giving more serious jolts to the economy. The caretaker FM and the government was not supposed to take the strategic decision of frequent devaluation of rupee against dollar. Devaluation of one rupee means one hundred billion rupees increase in the national debt. He lamented that on Monday the dollar-rupee exchange rate has increased to over 125 rupees that exposes the bad governance of caretakers and their inability to control unwanted erosion in the strength of the local currency.

Analysts claimed that the caretaker finance minister had been imposed on Pakistan under a well-thought out agenda of further destabilizing the economy of Pakistan and taking the country to the IMF to seek fresh loans with very tight and unbearable conditions for the masses and the country as well.

Daily devaluation of rupee, and hike in petrol prices twice and once in the electricity cost by the caretakers was disturbing for all and sundry in the country and this would cause a serious setback to the economy and consumers as well. The caretaker government don’t have powers to take this kinds of strategic decisions.

To improve the national economy, he said the government must bring at par the imports with exports that would eliminate more than $33 billion trade deficit as the country was not in a position to bear this massive financial bleeding at this time.

An expert also pointed out that more than $15 billion imports are fake that are meant to send dollars abroad from Pakistan through banking channel. He said that fake LCs and invoices are being made to cover up fake imports and to send billions of dollars abroad every year.

To support his claim, he said that if the current imports are around $55 billion, the customs duty collection from imports should have been around $5 billion (more than Rs 500 billion) if we keep in mind average custom duty of only 10% on imports. Total annual tax revenue collection a year was lower than $4 billion and the customs duty share in tax revenue seemed less than $2.5 billion.

He urged the government and the supreme court of Pakistan to order a probe to find out mega scam of billions of dollars frauds in fake imports that was leading to transfer of money from Pakistan to abroad.

He also said that the dollar-rupee exchange rate should be fixed so that the manipulators could not play with it to mint billions overnight. If the caretaker finance minister and the government supported devaluation of rupee and did not fix the exchange rate, the country would be heading towards economic failure, he added.

Sacked Chairman of Pakistan Stock Exchange Husain Lawai admits fraud in imports

Chairman of Summit Bank Limited and Pakistan Stock Exchange Hussain Lawai, who had recently been arrested in 35 billion rupees money laundering case, had admitted that his bank had opened fake import Letters of Credit for some companies that were involved in flight of capital from Pakistan. This is also a major evidence of foreign exchange flight from Pakistan through fake import orders. Soon after his arrest, Mr Lawai had been terminated from the top position of Chairman of Pakistan Stock Exchange. Lawai is known as a close confidant of former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, who is also co-chairman of political party, PPP.